Deaf Studies

Deaf Studies & Research

Listen Up Foundation aims to create a network of experts in the field of Deaf Studies. The focus is mainly on the training of deaf specialists – sign language lecturers, deaf sign language interpreters, teachers for deaf children, developers of educational and information resources and others.

In addition, a number of studies on deaf people and the organization of specialized initiatives for the training of specialists in the education of deaf people will be worked on. Last but not least, the aim is to establish a connection with higher education institutions with one main mission, namely the creation and implementation of a Deaf Studies major and/or others related to the Bulgarian sign language and Deaf culture.

Available Programs

In the summer of 2020, we will start a series of courses and seminars for Deaf people, who are interested to become Deaf trainers and specialists in the field of Bulgarian Sign language and Deaf culture. Very soon we will provide you with full information about the topics of the first seminars and courses and how to register for them.

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